sunnuntai 11. marraskuuta 2012

just a memory...

This year has been so amazing in many ways but one of them, actually the biggest reason, is because of travelling. I have never experienced aything like this before....
My love to England is so strong that I feel like crying all the time because I want to go back there.
There I feel like alive and home, it's my counrty!<3
It can't be explained, it's just something I feel inside of me.. :)
Besides England I love travelling anywhere in this planet, so here is also photos from The Canary Islands where me and my dear friend Minttu went this summer. the photos are in a chronological order :) 


London - Cardiff - Manorbier - Cardiff - Birmingham - London


Gran Canary


Left: Minttu   &   Right: Me :-D
I hope there'll be many more trips all around the world and many more priceless memories...<3
Usually I don't take so many photos because I like that everything is in my head, photos are just little pieces of the whole experience.
If you want to go somewhere or do something, just do it!
...never give up your hopes and dreams, they can come true one day if you make them happen! ;)

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